About us

We specialise in the design, delivery and installation of prefabricated portable and modular sports changing rooms with sanitary facilities. All of our mobile changing rooms are of sturdy steel construction insuring longevity of use and we can supply and install throughout the UK, the Republic of Ireland and Europe. We will work with you to ensure your club meets Sports England changing facilities stipulations.

Typical applications for these temporary changing rooms facilities are for Team Sports, Outdoor Spectator Sporting activities and Participant Sporting activities. Contact us on  01923 942600 to learn more about our fast and efficient service, including:

We provide bespoke design and installation consultation at no extra cost:

  • Floor Plan Drawings prepared for discussion without any obligation
  • Advice on external cladding options and finishes to make your facility blend with the natural environment
  • Full quality assurance checks to guarantee maximum customer satisfaction.

Prefabricated Changing Rooms vs. Traditional Builds

There are many benefits to a modular solution like ours over a traditional bricks & mortar approach. Here are a few reasons why we feel what we do ticks so many boxes for clubs looking for best value when looking at their options for expansion or replacement of their current clubhouse or changing facilities…

prefabricated modular changing room

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